Musical Theatre for Adults

The Atlantis Virtual Workshop returns for another round of musical theatre classes this September! Adults can now access all the fun and creativity usually present in Atlantis Theatrical’s annual workshops from the safety of their own home.

Our virtual workshop aims to keep the spirit of theatre and collaboration alive among theatre performers and enthusiasts not only in the metro, but also across the globe. Students will leave the workshop with rudimentary acting, singing, and dancing skills; a polished musical theatre song; a deeper understanding of song analysis and vocal techniques; self-confidence that will help them shine wherever they go; and new friends with whom they could share their passion for theatre!

The virtual setting will give them an intimate and focused learning experience aided by the critically acclaimed faculty members, who have also graced local and international stages as Atlantis Theatrical’s home-grown talents.

Contact Atlantis Theatrical at or at 0917 8381534 to sign up.


August 31 to October 2, M-W-F

Class Size:
2 to 3 students per time slot

Time Slots:
4:00pm, 5:15pm, 7:30pm, 8:45pm
(Classes are an hour and 15 minutes long)

Online Recitals:
October 4, Sunday, live on Zoom. Time TBC.

Age Limit: 
For ages 17 and up. 

Special classes may be arranged for teens aged 14 to 16. Contact to inquire.

(Terms may be arranged.)


Course Overview

Weeks 1-2: Rudiments of Musical Theatre

Theater terminologies, physicalization exercises, and the fundamentals of storytelling, voice, and jazz dance.

Students will bring a song of their choice to Talent Day.

Week 3: Song Analysis

Analyzing and interpreting songs through exercises on objectives, movement, and vocal dynamics.

Weeks 4-5: Musical Theatre Lab

Students will polish their assigned musical piece through an intensive rehearsal process, each receiving personalized coaching from our teachers. At the end of the final week, a live online recital with solo performances from all students will be held on Zoom.


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